Robert and Natalie's Baby Twins

Welstar Hospital, LaGrange, Georgia
January 13, 2022
January 13th was the scheduled day for delivery of twins! Robert and Natalie's family of four boys (and a dog, two cats, and eight or so chickens) would be growing by the delivery of fraternal twins: a boy and a girl. Oh Happy Day! Prayers! More Prayers!

Preparations for this wondrous event had began months earlier when Robert and Natalie searched for and found a larger home to accommodate what would be their growing family. This resulted in them moving from their home in Lanett, Alabama, to a home in Lagrange, Georgia. Their new home was much larger and on a 8 acre tract of land. And, of course, it had more bedrooms.

For the twins, they would stay initially in the home's den, and the room had twin cribs, twin recliners, and other baby accoutrements. Delivery was scheduled for 7:30AM on the 13th and we all checked our phones every 30 seconds for the good news. Then we got the note from Robert:

Quick update: more to come after we get settled.

Babies were born at 8:08 (Girl) and 8:09 (Boy).

Everyone is doing great.

Natalie did amazing. She's in recovery with the babies.

Boy: 5 lb 13 oz // 18.75 in
Girl: 6 lb 5 oz // 17.5 in

What great news! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

Of course Natalie was a champ throughout, and understandably needed some time to rest and "come down" from all events that made her delivery such a success. But she was soon better and cherishing her new babies (though she also cherishes her other "babies" at home).

We all waited anxiously for baby naming, and soon learned that we were welcoming Thatcher Robert Braden and Alice Claire Braden into the lives of Robert and Natalie's family. May Thatcher and Alice, alomg with all of Robert and Natalie's children, grow with peace, wisdom, and all other Godly attributes.

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