Bonnie Jane's First Birthday Celebration

Walker, Louisiana
April 2016

In celebration of Bonnie Jane's Zwerner's first birthday, Sandra and I flew into New Orleans and drove up to Rusty and Anne's home in Walker, Louisiana. We had a great and blessed weekend.

Our original plans were to arrive Friday night, to help set up the party Saturday morning, to enjoy the celebration that afternoon, to attend Victory Baptist Church on Sunday morning, to "hang out" with Rusty and Anne and Bonnie Jane Sunday afternoon, and to fly back to Tampa late Sunday night. We also knew that Rusty and and had planned a crawfish boil for us sometime during this busy weekend, and we were really good with that, also.

The events and timing worked out pretty much as we had planned, with one exception. Thursday afternoon, while decorating in the church's Fellowship Hall for the party, Anne fell off a ladder and a trip to the nearby Emergency Room revealed she had a pretty good hand sprain. That was much better news than broken bones, but it spurred Sandra and I to change our flight to very early Friday morning, and all those things we planned to do during the day on Friday were done Thursday night - the result being that neither of us got to bed and the flight was truly a red-eye.

But we did arrive in time to help with some decorating and with some purchasing of party items. Rusty also decided to "work his magic" with crawfish and we were treated to 35 pounds of great eating. We also learned that Rusty has become truly a crawfish chef. He has the equipment and the recipe to create a feast.

Saturday morning we were out picking up items and doing some last-minute decorating. The Fellowship Hall was a perfect location for the celebration, and well over 50 people were there to join in the festive occasion. Food included Swedish meatballs, smokie sausages, a pasta salad, a veggie tray, a crab dip, and a corn dip. Suffice it to say that no one went away hungry. There was lots of fellowship and two games were played. One was to guess Bonnie Jane's age based on 12 photos posted in no order on the wall when she was one month, two months, three months, up to 12 months. Another game was "Birthdays of the Rich and Famous," a Price is Right type game that everyone enjoyed. Hours later we returned back to Rusty and Anne's home, our vehicles crammed with party decorations, excess food, and many birthday presents.

The next day we were treated to a wonderful sermon by Rusty and we were impressed by all aspects of his church.

After the service we found a new and nice burger place that we enjoyed and then again returned home to relax before returning to New Orleans to catch our flight.

As I said before, a wonderful weekend.

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