The Bonines Stop in Tampa

Tampa International Airport
January 27, 2015

Larry Bonine and his wonderful wife Rosemary, are friends from my military days going back to the Frankfurt area of Germany from 1975 to 1976. There Larry was the executive officer of an engineer battalion and I was the battalion's operations officer. Larry's low-key style of leadership and his quiet sense of humor did wonders for the battalion, and he and Rosemary were great assets to the organization.

Larry was the person responsible for the organization and execution of Family Day at Campo Pond, one of the most memorable events of my military career and certainly one that raised the morale of many of the officers and men most significantly. Larry was also one of the three main dancers in the Puckers, shaking his belly to the tune of the Colonel Bogey March.

Larry went on to have to complete a distinguished military career especially with the Corps of Engineers Civil Works component. Upon retirement he used his experience to create Pinnacle Leadership Group that provides advice and assistance to the Construction Industry across the United States.

Larry, accompanied by Rosemary, was in the Tampa area to work with the local government and its contractors for a large construction project. His purpose was to help them work together for the collective good as both entities share the common interest of completing the work successfully.

This is the second time we met at the airport for dinner and as always, I enjoyed meeting with them, remembering old times, discussing the present, and speculating on the future.

Later, I learned that Larry had done too good a job with this particular group, as they were working so well together that they rescheduled his next meeting with them for a much later date, so it will be a while before I will get to see them again.

But I did enjoy the evening very much, and look forward to getting together with them whenever they can get into the Tampa area.

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