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Bloomingdale Senior High School

Spring Band Concert
April 27, 2024

Braden Alvarez is a member of the Drum Line of the Bloomingdale High School Band. "Making the Drum Line" is no minor achievement. It takes playing skills, performance skills, and great motivation to be selected for this pretigious element of the band.

    What is a Drum Line?

    A Drum Line is a specialized section within a musical ensemble, typically found in marching bands, drum corps, and contemporary indoor percussion groups. It consists of various percussion instruments such as snare drums, bass drums, tenor drums (also known as quads or multiple toms), and sometimes cymbals. These instruments are played in a coordinated manner to create intricate rhythms and dynamic patterns that drive the overall sound of the ensemble.

    In the context of marching bands, drum lines perform while in motion, which adds an additional layer of complexity. Members must not only play their instruments with precision but also execute intricate formations and patterns on the field. The coordination and precision required for a drum line are achieved through rigorous practice and a shared commitment to musical excellence.

Drum Lines see themselves as special. In general, a high school or university band has tons of esprit de corps, but a Drum Line has even more. "Making" the Drum Line, in many ways, is similar to trying to "make" a varsity sport. One has to have talent, potential, and a strong work ethic; just to name a few of the qualifications.

Well, Braden worked at it, and his work paid off. He took drum lessons thanks to Karen and Cathy, and kept a positive attitude toward achieving his objective.

The Band Concert was a good time for showing off Braden's skills. See the pictures below.

(Click on any picture to enlarge it.)



🥁       🥁       🥁       🥁

(Braden's mustache was part of the Band Concert's opportunity for members to dress up.)

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