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Bilmar Beach Resort

Treasure Island, Florida
July 2-5, 2023

Jay and Joyce again celebrated the Independence Day holiday at the Bilmar Beach Resort at Treasure Island, Florida. They arrived Sunday, July 2nd, and stayed through the morming of Wednesday, July 5th.

Joyce and Jay were joined on Independence day by Joyce's son Michael and and his wife Karri; and later that day by Joyce's daughter Michelle and her friend Steve Slade. It was pretty hot on the 4th, so Jay's games were returned to the car for use in the future.

Later in the day, we began moving beach canoply and chairs and cooler back to the Bilmar so we would not have that much effort putting everything away following the fireworks.

We went down to Sloppy Joes for dinner. The place was crowded so we took seats outside, facing the beach. The food was good, and it turned ouit that our dinner seats were just right for viewing the fireworks, which were great, as always.

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