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Bilmar Beach Resort

Treasure Island, Florida
August 3-6, 2023

From Thursday, August 3, through Sunday morning, August 6, Jay spent three days at the Bilmar Beach Resort on Treasure Island with Karen and her family.

They had two very nice rooms in the Beaches section, which is the best of the three resort rooming areas, on the north pool and near the pool house where they checked out towels and chairs.

Thursday night Joyce and her friend Lu were able to join the beach crowd for dinner at Crazy Bill's, a very good seafood restaurant on the beach.

Over the next two full days, we set up the canopy on the beach, spent some time in the water that was pretty clear and at a very nice temperature, played Bocce Ball, and just relaxed, watching the waves come in and the waves go out. Ot was hot and we were grateful for the slight breeze. Well, we relaxed unto we had to load up all our stuff each day and haul it back to our rooms. Carrying all our "stuff" through the sand to and from the water ensured that we got our cardio workout each day.

We played Connect Four, checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe, Corn Hole, and - in the evening - the card game "31." We also played catch in the water with soft clothe balls.

Karen and Cathy bought and prepared the ingredients for spaghetti on the second night, and we all enjoyed dinner at Sloppy Joe's on our last night.

Yet another very good time at the Bilmar.

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Loading up for the beach.

First night dinner at Crabby Bill's.

Bocce Ball on Treasure island Beach


Is it actually possible to lose at Tic-Tac-Toe if you are trying?







Karen was the big champion at Connect Four.



Watching the waves coming in and the waves going out.

Chasing birds on the beach.





Cathy and Karen's spaghetti dinner. Yumm!

The giant slide - fun!!!



Jay and Braden "raced" down the slide - Braden won.
Too bad he won't be invited to the beach next summer.


Playing the Card Game "31" on the second flor play deck.

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