Bilmar Beach Resort

Treasure Island, Florida
August 8-10, 2019
Jay, Joyce, Karen, Cathy, Braden, Daylin, and Skyler ended the summer with a two night beach fling at the Bilmar Resort on Treasure Island.

The August weather was a bit typical, with rain just about every day, but the time at the Bilmar was all sunshine, which was very nice.

After checking in and grabbing some lunch, the gang travelled to the nearby Beach Escape Game where we tried the Pirate Treasure scenario that has a posted escape rate of 60%. An escape game puts your team in a small room where your group has to crack a series of codes and solve a number of puzzles within a 60 minute window. In general, most escape games provide up to three clues that a team may ask for during their 60 minute window, should they get stuck or think they are falling behind. Our group escaped in 48 minutes ... a very good team effort! Lots of fun.

We had dinner at a great pizza place on the way back to the Bilmar and had enough pizza left for the next day’s lunch. While our first day at the Bilmar was spent around the pool, the next morning was spent on the beach where we swam and tossed balls in the warm gulf waters while Joyce provided “shark watch” to protect us. Then there was more swimming in the pool and playing games like Ping Ping, Corn Hole, and Connect Four.

On Saturday Jay and Joyce left around 11 to prepare to attend a birthday party in North Tampa while Karen and her family enjoyed a late check out.

Everyone loves the Bilmar.

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