Bible Drills Competition

Bell Shoals Baptist Church
April 2016

Bible Drill is a discipleship ministry for boys and girls. It challenges the children in the areas of scripture memory and Bible skills. As they learn the Bible books, Bible verses and key passages, the goal is to improve Bible skills and apply Bible truths to daily living.

Students are given 30 verses to memorize from January through April in three categories: Identifying, doctrinal, Bible Answers. During competition as a caller calls out a title or scripture reference they have 8 seconds (middle/HS) or 10 seconds for children to look it up in the Bible, place their finger on that reference and step out before time is called. Identifying scriptures are read from the Bible. For doctrinal verses you have to memorize parts of the verse and the reference. For Bible answers you need to memorize all.

Judges look for: eyes always on caller, standing still, finger us in the Bible before stepping our, stepping out before time is called, raised hand after time indicates they are not in the right area (all based on honesty).

Each drill requires a certain score in order to move on to the next level. The levels are Church, Association, and State. At the high school level, Savanah, in her first year, competed along with four other students, each of whom had participated for at least eight years previously. Savanah did very well, "passing" at Church and Association level.

This qualified Savanah for state competition and, while she did not win, she did well there, also, and we were all very proud of her.

Thanks to Kailey Eskine for working with Savanah and the other high school group Bell Shoals competitors. She was great!!!.

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