Atlantis Resort

Nassau, Bahamas
January 14-18, 2013

We had visited Nassau an number of times, and traveled over to Paradise Island on many of the trips. Today, it is possible to visit the Atlantis Resort, but only in the hotel lobbies and the casino; all other places such as the Aqua Adventure water park and The Dig require room keys or paid passes. So this time we flew into the island from Orlando and spent all five days at the resort. It was great!

Although we had not booked an ocean view room, Bonnie talked nice to the receptionist and we got one at no extra charge. Actually, all the staff members there were very friendly and accommodating. We had a meal plan, and that worked well. The water park was super, with a not-so-lazy river, numerous pools, and tube rides that were plenty exciting - did you hear us scream? We also took along snorkeling gear, got complementary swim vests, and enjoyed feeding bagels to all kinds of fish in their lagoon. Atlantis has a number of huge aquaruims with all kinds of fish, and we toured all. We had a shallow water dolphin experience that was also nice. One afternoon we set out to swim in all nine of their adult pools on their property and got eight, catching the last one the next day. We tried out their free slot tournament on the last morning and were awarded $10 each in slot credits for participating. Jay turned his into $28 cashed-out winnings, and that - added to his great casino play - made us a total of more than $50 ahead. We're sure we'll hear from the resort "comping" us a trip there just so they can try and get even. And, last but not least, there was sunning ourselves on the beach and enjoying the ocean. Overall one of the best Bonnie-Jay vacations ever.